Cosa ho dato alla gente, una polverina particolare
per entusiasmarli in questo modo?”

Luigi Torti 1920-1999


Gino, as everyone called him, stood out as one of the most capable organizer and creator of events in Riomaggiore. He was well-known in the area for his doubts, his uncertainty but also for his enthusiasm, creativity, ability of social cohesion, and for the love for his village and its fellow citizens. His exciting reflections, written by hand on his agendas, his songs, the sketches of his preparatory drawings executed for the various grape festivals, carnivals and festivals of Rio Maior, are still happily preserved by Sara and available for the most curious to read.

Drafts of the posters that he designed to promote events, some photos of the happiest moments of the celebrations and his paintings can be viewed by clicking on the following link. His activities involved entire generations of people from the parish to the mayor, the closest friends, and also the skeptics. In one of his writings referring to the organization of a grape festival he writes "What did I give to people, a special powder to excite them in this way?"......

Great sportsman, a lover of hunting and fishing, multifaceted in manual tasks, he loved oil painting, but he didnÂ’t disdain the charcoal drawing, he wrote songs of famous arias, he organized celebrations of any kind, grape festivals, New Year's Eve parties, carnival parades, always from a leading position. He personally prepared choreographies and posters with designs of any kind, a tireless and enthusiastic person, passionate about life in all its aspects, with the objective to make it more beautiful and pleasant for everyone. In his heart football occupied a place of honor, as a matter of facts he is the founder, President, and creator of the colors of the official badge and social anthem of his beloved Rio Maior Sports Club.

Last but not least, a man of culture and a doctor specialized in pediatrics ... he went to everyone's house with his brisk and dismissive manners but also with professionalism, availability and unquestionable love for the medical profession, to dispend the most appropriate treatments.

Luigi Torti was born in Riomaggiore on March 5th 1920, son of Amleto, already doctor of the village, following his father's footsteps, he graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Siena on July 22nd 1949 and he specialized in Pediatrics at the University Pisa on November 22nd 1956. He practiced as a doctor for all his life in Riomaggiore where he died on February 22nd 1999, leaving a great void for family and for the whole population of the municipality.

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